Mansal Denton: Nootropics

On our latest episode we spoke with Mansal Denton, the founder of Hyperion, about his company and the cognitive enhancers that they produce.  His goal is transparency with the supplements that he produces, which can be a big issue within the supplement industry.  Many supplement companies don't disclose their product formulas and can do so legally, under laws that protect the supplement industry from regulations.  The fact that a company is founded on transparency such as Hyperion is refreshing.  But anyways... Mansal discussed how he has been working in nootropics since he was in college and that mental strength is a big part of life.  As people we can't grow if we are stifled in one aspect of life.  This is not to say that everybody needs a nootropi or cognitive enhancer but with high levels of stress or small amounts of sleep you may find that they are helpful(again these are personal decisions).  I have personally found that keeping up with training sessions, trouble sleeping and other life events can leave my mind strained or spread thin just due to managing multiple aspects of life.  When the mind is weakened or tired it becomes difficult to perform at your best in other realms of life; such as the physical or spiritual, etc.  The products from Hyperion have helped keep my mind sharp with minimal dosages and earth grown ingredients(again looking back at those alternative medicines).  Mansal also hinted that the Cocotropic drink mix can help to ward off brain trauma for athletes, which is good for fighters or other combat sport athletes.  You can check out Mansal's products and mission at Hyperion and pick up some sweet nootropics while you're at it!  Check out the episode when it launches and subscribe to our website for all of the great updates on Fighters Drinking Coffee!