Fending Off the "Winter Blues"

With the onset of the winter months just over the horizon I have been dreading the thought of enduring bitter cold days on my way to 05:45 am workouts.  Like most people, the thought of staying in a warm bed for an extra hour(or two or three) seems very appealing.  However, staying in bed, inside, and avoiding activity in the cold is not always a good thing.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) comes in with the cold and stays in when we do, in other words, that feeling you get that you just want to be alone and inside during the winter is normally BECAUSE you are stuck inside. So how do we beat this? We let our legs swing out from under the warm covers when we don't want to. We let our bare feet hit the freezing floor and we make our way to the kitchen, drink a cold glass of water and make ourselves some coffee.  Now that we are awake it's time to keep moving, do something anything and preferably outdoors.  Even if you are outside for just a minute, it'll help you keep moving and get out. I personally like to drive to the gym with the heat off in my car and usually find that I am more energized if I do so.  The Mayo Clinic suggests light therapy for treatment, whats the best and only free source of light: the sun! So when the sun peeks its head out in these cold winter months soak up every last drop you can! It'll help your body to balance itself out and produce Vitamin D, which is found to help fight off this seasonal funk.

In short-don't let the cold get you down, make the most of the winter and get out and enjoy the outdoors even if it is in short doses.

Michael Sutherland