Opening the Mind to Alternative Medicine

The 26th installment of Fighters Drinking Coffee is a very informative one.  The innovative Mary Vance, a nutrition councilor with a specialization in holistic wellness, came on the show and discussed with us the topics of CBD oil, hormone balance, balancing out gut health and alternative medicine. In the interest of not spoiling the wealth of information she conveyed to us I will leave you with something to help you when listening to the episode: keep your mind open when it comes to your health.  As a society we tend to get caught up in quick fixes and convenience due to social conditioning (there's that term again from last week) and this has led us to accept initial diagnosis and take what may in-fact just hide our symptoms.  Now this is not to suggest that you should not seek medical care from your doctor or a physician, and you definitely should not delay when you feel there may be something wrong.  I am only suggesting that there may be additional ways that could actually be less stressful to your body and on your daily schedule.  The best way is to do your research, there are a good amount of things you may have in your spice cabinets or growing in your garden that carry benefits for your symptoms or anti-inflammatory properties.  Examples of such things are turmeric, a known anti-inflammatory, and sage, a known analgesic.  Herbs and spices have been used as medicine and treatment in many cultures prior to the onset of modern medicine.  Now the Fighters Drinking Coffee team are not doctors nor do we claim to be ones, and we do suggest visiting your medical professional if you are feeling extremely out of sorts and before trying anything crazy when it comes to your health.  These are merely suggested additions (turmeric and sage can be used safely as long as you don't have any crazy allergies) to what may be already treatment, and if you are taking medication you should ensure that any alternative treatments you may seek out do not have any adverse reactions (a large number of birth controls have adverse affects with grapefruit and root extracts).  You can find out more regarding Mary Vance on her website and you can find her episode when it launches on iTunes .