After Talking with Ebong Eka

Our latest episode, number 25 to be released this week, was with a very inspirational and actualized man: Ebong Eka.  He has spent his life grinding and striving for what he wants and doing what helps him feel fulfilled.  One of the major things we talked about was that of goals and dreams.  It made me think back on what brought me to this point as well as where I want to go with it.  He talked about defeating your mind and allowing your body to thrive in life rather than just survive.  Which is something that has been a prevalent teaching in my many years of athletics; your mind will hinder your bodies true potential because it knows we don't necessarily need to fight to perform our basic functions, survive, and reproduce anymore.  In my experience, separation of my mental and physical work provides the best results.  I feel stronger, I work harder and I am able to actually surpass what I may have thought my limitations are.  The mind is a powerful thing but your body can be truly unstoppable if you just allow yourself to go...challenge yourself and allow yourself to thrive.

Michael Sutherland

Host of Fighters Drinking Coffee

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