Coffee and training

After our latest episode I figured I'd talk about coffee and why the team (Scott, Kamal and Me) drink a large amount of coffee, especially while training.  Although caffeine is known to be a diuretic, the coffee bean provides something special, coffee is hydrating and actually provides nutritional support through its essential oils.  A new study was just released (check it out here that showed coffee, in fact, did not trigger the body to release water and actually had the same affect of water with no changes in blood or urine markers.  Basically you can drink coffee (in moderation, 4 cups a day, according to the study) just as you would water with your work outs and remain hydrated.  You know the boys at FDCPodcast will be drinking coffee before during and after training; it keeps us going, hydrated and even helps us to recover.  

Well I'm keeping this one short,

Michael Sutherland

BS Community Health and Nutrition