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The Fighters Drinking Coffee team, Scott, Kamal, and Mike, uses their personal experiences and practices to provide an inside look in to the mind of a fighter.  Their fighting perspective is offered, over coffee, on a large range of topics that spans from the sport of MMA through health, fitness, nutrition, conditioning, training and self-improvement.  The team analyzes upcoming MMA and UFC events and their aftermath and even ventures in to product reviews and food tastings.  The crew regularly hosts a unique and fun array of special guests from different walks of life and expertise that offer opinions and views that can help you optimize your life or expand your thinking or that you may just find cool and interesting.

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Scott and Mike have their info down, are very knowledgable and have been able to successfully put it into a great podcast series that is enjoyable to those even brand new or with no previous knowledge of professional fighting. Phenomenal podcast and looking forward to what they will bring next.
— iTunes Listener golano91
Mike and Scott really know their stuff, but they don’t beat you over the head with it. Every episode is a fun and conversational, and their guests always bring something interesting to the table.
— DipsTilYouRip, iTunes Reviewer
Honest and real opinions. Awesome Job.
— Tory Ferranti, Certified Athletic Trainer
The show is the epitome of what a good podcast means in 2015. These guys know their stuff. Worth a listen 110%
— Review, Podcast Expert
They talk MMA, coffee, health, fitness, training and whatever else that comes to mind. They are great guys and I had a blast being on the show.
— Colin Stuckert, Founder - WildFoodsCo

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Right now the guys are working on updating their audio equipment and building a studio from the ground up.  If you enjoy the show and want to see it progress, please click the "Donate" button below to contribute to Fighters Drinking Coffee.  Otherwise, simply rating and reviewing on iTunes is helpful too!  Kamal, Michael and Scott appreciate all the support!


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